Welcome to Sterling Sports Club

Building the shooting community!

Sterling Sports Club is a Home Office approved rifle and pistol club, set up to provide it’s members a safe, friendly, non political environment to encourage the promotion of sport shooting. We are NRA and UKPSA (IPSC) affiliated, and our Range Officers (ROs) and Supervisors are thoroughly trained and experienced, ensuring the safe and professional running of any event. Sterling Sport is developing a Centre of Excellence for dynamic marksmanship with the aim to support young people and develop the sport. The Club is also the home of some of the best shooters in the country, who can offer coaching, training and advice to help you achieve your marksmanship goals. The Club operates on a number of UK ranges and is supported by an RFD. We wholeheartedly encourage a competitive spirit while upholding principles of integrity, respect, kindness and good sportsmanship. Our goal is to provide shooters with more shooting time in safe, excellent venues.

Practical Shotgun

Competitive shooting sport that involves using shotguns to engage various targets in a dynamic and practical manner.


A mini rifle competition is a shooting sport or competitive event that involves the use of mini rifles low-velocity cartridges like .22 Long Rifle.

Practical Pistol

Long Barrel Pistols are a category of firearms that have an extended barrel length compared to standard handguns.