Rimfire Precision Rifle Shooting (PRS) is a rapidly growing semi-dynamic shooting discipline where shooters compete in engaging multiple steel targets at different distances, whilst navigating various scenarios and shooting positions, within time constraints.


  We run events following the rules and regulations of The National Rimfire League 22 (NRL22), who promote PRS style shooting on 100yds ranges using rifles chambered in .22LR. 

The appeal of rimfire PRS is that it simulates centre fire PRS (which use long range rifles chambered in cartridges such as 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester shooting out to +800m), but at a much more budget friendly running cost.



Prone: Lying flat on the ground, rifle steady, aiming at targets.

Positional: Shooting from various positions―kneeling, sitting, or even leaning against obstacles.

Barricade: Shooting from behind barricades or obstacles. It tests your ability to stabilise the rifle.



Multiple steel targets will be located at various distances in front of you, from 20yds to 100yds, sizes varying from ¼in to 4in.



Typically, shooters will use a bolt-action, magazine-fed rifle with a scope, but semi-autos can be used.