Once we receive your application form, your details are sent to the police for vetting, it can take up to 4 weeks to approve, and then you will be invited to your first assessment day.

Full Club Package: Practical Shotgun, Mini Rifle, Long Barrel Pistol (LBP), Gallery = £145 per annum

3 Gun: Mini Rifle, LBP, PSG - £110 per annum

2 Gun: Mini Rifle, LBP or Mini Rifle, PSG - £75 per annum

Practical Shotgun (PSG): - £45 per annum

Mini Rifle: - £40 per annum

Long Barrel Pistol (LBP): - £40 per annum

Gallery: £45 per annum

Student Discount: 10% off

over 65s: 10% off



Probationer: Probationary Training or a Safety & Competence Assessment, depending on your experience and ability. £30 for a maximum of 6 months probationary period. 

What are the benefits to joining?
  • Advanced notification on all events, training and competitions.
  • Discounted rates for Sterling large national competitions and all Sterling Sports Club events
  • Access to all Club shoots
  • Masterclasses training
  • Specialist coaching
  • Discounted products
  • FAC advice 

Yes, you can join the Club without an FAC, which means you can only shoot club guns. You would have to apply to your local police authority to obtain one, which would then allow you to possess your own firearm.

All shooting at the Club is only available on organised shoots and events.