A mini rifle competition is a shooting sport or competitive event that involves the use of mini rifles, which are typically chambered for low-velocity cartridges like .22 Long Rifle (LR). These competitions are designed to test a shooter's marksmanship skills, speed, and accuracy with small-caliber rifles. Mini rifle competitions are popular among both recreational and competitive shooters and are often organised at shooting ranges or clubs.

Here are some key aspects of mini rifle competitions:

Target Shooting: Mini rifle competitions primarily involve shooting at paper or steel targets placed at varying distances. The targets may have different shapes and sizes, and scoring is typically based on accuracy and the time taken to complete a course of fire.

Courses of Fire: Competitions often feature a series of courses of fire, each with specific requirements, such as shooting from different positions (standing, kneeling, prone), engaging multiple targets, and transitioning between targets quickly.

Timed Events: Some mini rifle competitions include timed events where shooters are required to complete a specific course of fire as quickly as possible while maintaining accuracy. These events test both speed and precision.

Ammunition Restrictions: Mini rifle competitions require participants to use .22 LR ammunition.

Scoring: Scoring in mini rifle competitions can vary, but it often involves awarding points based on the number of hits on target and the time taken to complete a course of fire. The shooter with the highest overall score wins the competition.

Divisions: Mini rifle competitions may have different divisions or categories based on factors like age, experience level, and the type of rifle used. This allows shooters to compete against others with similar skill levels and equipment.

Safety: Safety is a paramount concern in any shooting sport. Participants are typically required to follow strict safety protocols, including the proper handling of firearms, the use of eye and ear protection, and adherence to range rules.

Mini rifle competitions can range from informal local matches to more formal and organised events sanctioned by shooting organisations. These competitions provide an opportunity for shooters to improve their skills, challenge themselves, and enjoy a sense of camaraderie with fellow enthusiasts. Additionally, mini rifle competitions are often used for training purposes, helping individuals develop the fundamentals of marksmanship before moving on to larger-caliber firearms or other shooting disciplines.